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Oglethorpe in the news: April 5-18

Oglethorpe students expand diversity of its museum’s collection Oglethorpe University’s Museum of Art was missing something, student leaders thought. The gallery has grown threefold in the past three years, officials said, with classic century-old French paintings and other artwork. However, there are few pieces depicting the lives of people of color. Oglethorpe University students make […]

Atlanta Ranks No. 2 As Best City For Millennials | 90.1 FM WABE

From 90.1 FM WABE:  Atlanta is one of the best cities in America to be a millennial. That’s according to Time‘s Money section, which ranked us second, after Austin. The list is a group of cities where there’s good projected job growth ─ in Atlanta, more than 14 percent through 2019, Moody’s Analytics reports. Atlanta […]

What You’ll Actually Pay At 1,550 Colleges | NPR

From NPR: With college, there’s the sticker price and the actual price you pay. This is the real cost for each school. There are two prices for every college degree: the sticker price and the net price. The sticker price is the number that most schools list in their brochures. The net price is that […]

These Are the Best Cities for Millennials | MONEY magazine

From MONEY Magazine: These 5 cities boast high projected job growth and easy living …. 2. Atlanta, Ga. The ATL has fun activities for people of all ages, including a popular zoo, an aquarium, and a collection of several impressive art and history museums. But there’s also a great bar and nightlife scene that millennials—who […]

Where should you go to get your science degree? | USA Today

From USA Today: One of the primary benefits of attending a liberal arts college is the diverse education it provides to students. Liberal arts colleges typically emphasize communication, problem-solving, and reasoning skills, and these abilities are highly valued in the scientific community. Scientists who are skilled articulators and creative thinkers are often successful in their fields. […]