Art and culture inspire creative Petrels studying abroad at Oxford

Two Oglethorpe students followed their dreams abroad last semester to the University of Oxford. Roommates Chloe Campbell ’24 and Amina Sahovic ’24, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to broaden their horizons, embarked on a transformative journey that would leave an indelible mark on their lives.

With her passion for literature and social activism, theatre major Chloe Campbell delved deep into African American representation and gender social activism during her time at Oxford.

Chloe Campbell stands in a historical site

Chloe Campbell ’24

A performer herself — starring as a titular “Heather” in the Oglethorpe and Actor’s Express highly-reviewed production of “Heathers: the Musical” — she wanted to study how art can enact social change.

“I learned about the different types of performance and the different cultural objectives to performance. Many European cultures used art as a form of protesting and advocating for underrepresented community members. The art, while being very entertaining, during its origins began as an essential method of demonstrating the unspoken issues within these communities,” says Campbell.

“After witnessing these types of representation through art, it made me reconsider my intention for performing. I discovered a new goal for myself that allows me to capture and relay the experiences of others through my performance. I learned another reason about why art was so significant and personal to me.”

Engaging in rigorous discussions and analysis, Chloe found herself challenged and inspired by the diverse perspectives she encountered. Her studies not only broadened her intellectual horizons but also deepened her understanding of the issues that shape our society.

“This experience has encouraged me to want to continue traveling and put myself out there. I believe that people are the most valuable tools for education as you can learn so much from someone’s history and experience compared to your own.” says Campbell. “Having the opportunity to listen to their stories is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Business administration major Amina Sahovic, a small business owner and an enterprising leader at Oglethorpe, studied creative direction and innovative entrepreneurship at Oxford. Hoping to one day work in a career that blends business and creativity, she was inspired to take in as much culture as possible while abroad.

Student Amina Sahovic at L'Oreal

Amina Sahovic ’24 at L’Oreal

The student society “Oxford Women in Business” even sent Sahovic on a day-long trip to L’Oreal and GSK, where she learned from top professionals about how both businesses function.

“My inspiration to study abroad stemmed from my love for traveling, and the urge to learn more than what was in my current environment. I knew Oxford was a prestigious university but being in England made me go for it even more. England was full of fashion, art, culture, great food, and endless history.”

For Sahovic, her time abroad was more than just an educational experience. Traveling solo helped her become more in tune with herself.

“Spending lots of time alone and having an amazing time doing so was the highlight of this trip. Discovering how cool you are and how much you have to offer makes experiences that much better,” says Sahovic. “Enjoying solitude is essential, and solo traveling abroad was a great way to learn this.”

At Oglethorpe, students have the opportunity to study abroad through Oglethorpe’s 16 International Exchange Partners around the globe — including a premier academic partnership with the University of Oxford in England. From exploring historic landmarks to forging meaningful connections with fellow students and scholars, this valuable opportunity enriches Petrels’ academic careers and broadens horizons.

Sahovic encourages: “The comfort you find in yourself after accomplishing something so large is truly a wonderful feeling. You will probably shape a new love not only for yourself but also for gaining knowledge. Your intelligence is something no one can take away from you, along with your personal experiences. Put yourself out there!”

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