How I helped charter Oglethorpe’s first business fraternity

Being a leader, for me, has always been about making an impact and giving back, while inspiring others to do the same.

My name is Amina Sahovic ’24 and I am a business administration major at Oglethorpe University. Over the past year, my passion for business has led me to start a new chapter of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi on my campus.

As a student in the Hammack School of Business at Oglethorpe, I wanted to create a stronger on-campus community for business students to network, connect, and help each other grow as professionals. After hearing about Alpha Kappa Psi, I realized a business fraternity was the ideal solution — and other majors on campus already had professional fraternities in place.

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest business fraternity in the U.S., founded in 1904 by “The Brooklyn Four” at NYU. Their values include “Brotherhood, Knowledge, Integrity, Service, and Unity” — all of which we aspire to represent at Oglethorpe. AKPsi chapters have seen many notable members, including U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Forbes Magazine Editor-in-Chief Malcolm “Steve” Forbes Jr., and founders of Fortune 500 companies, like Bernie Marcus (The Home Depot) and Joyce C. Hall (Hallmark Cards, Inc.).

With a clear goal in mind, I just needed to execute it with the help of like-minded individuals. First, I reached out Ahjinah Hunter ’23, one of my peers who has a drive for entrepreneurship. We knew we would have to immediately get to work in order to make this happen.

Because the fraternity is more common at larger schools than Oglethorpe, it was a push for us to ensure a sustainable chapter. To secure a charter, we had to first measure student interest. We were pleased to find that many students were in favor of bringing a business fraternity to campus. In addition, Dr. Stephen Craft, dean of the Hammack School of Business, was supportive of our initiative and agreed to sign on as our faculty advisor.

It’s important to note that Alpha Kappa Psi only began to accept female members in 1975. Now in 2022, four women — ” The Oglethorpe Four,” an homage to the original founders — are chartering the first chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi at Oglethorpe University. Psychology major Charlotte Stanton ’24 is our event coordinator, business administration major Mykal Montgomery ’23 is our secretary and historian, Ahjinah Hunter is our vice president, and I am serving as president.

To fully establish the Oglethorpe chapter, we will need a “full” group of 40 students to be inducted. We are happy to announce that the first 20 students have been inducted into the Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, as of Dec. 10:

Tese Ajorgbor ’24, Business Administration
Makenna Bowens ’25, Business Administration
Brandynn Campbell ’24, Business Administration
Adriana Canas Escobar ’25, Psychology
LaChelle Foster ’24, Biopsychology
Ahjinah Hunter ’23, Psychology
Colby James ’24, Business Administration
Karah Lindsey ’23, Business Administration
Jasmine Martin ’23, Communication Studies
Mykal Montgomery ’23, Business Administration
Garshae Mowatt-Mckenzie ’24, Economics
Montserrat Olvera ’23, Economics
Ulises Rodriguez ’23, Economics
Amina Sahovic ’24, Business Administration
Ben Schick ’23, Business Administration
Charlotte Stanton ’24, Psychology
Justin Stewart ’24, Business Administration
Colin Stewart ’24, Business Administration
Stephen Summerow ’22, Biology; pursuing his master’s in business administration at Samford University in Spring 2023
Nieka Tavakolian ’24, Business Administration

The remaining 20 will be inducted with the help of the First Klass. With those members, we expect to be an officially-installed chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi at Oglethorpe University in Spring 2023!

While we are almost at our goal, we are continuing to advocate for business-minded students of all majors and years to consider joining our new fraternity in the upcoming semesters. With the right people in the room, you can accomplish anything.

I want to help Alpha Kappa Psi leave a meaningful legacy at Oglethorpe and to have others continue that legacy, bringing years of sustainability for this fraternity. It’s only the beginning!

Amina Sahovic is CEO of her own lip gloss business named Glossy and Bossy G&B, LLC, which won the Oglethorpe “shark tank” in the Fall 2020 semester. Glossy and Bossy is a lip gloss business which strives to provide nourishing lip glosses in all varieties of shades and flavors, suitable for every individual’s needs. Since beginning her business in September 2019, Sahovic has not only shipped out hundreds of orders but also formed a newfound passion in marketing products along the way. 

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