How I used my Oglethorpe business major to develop my inclusive beauty line

In September of 2019 — while I was still a junior in high school — I started my own beauty business.

Amina Sahovic with her products

Amina Sahovic with Glossy and Bossy products

Everything I did was through Instagram, at first. I used the tools available in the app to market lip gloss that was inclusive, cruelty-free and sustainable. I wanted to create a brand where every customer felt represented and would feel good about what they were buying. Though I had some success in those early days, it wasn’t until I started at Oglethorpe that I began to feel truly empowered as a female entrepreneur, and have since started on a journey to becoming a widely-successful business owner.

To take my growing business to the next level, I knew I had to learn more. I wanted to explore things like accounting to manage my own budget and marketing to better advertise my products. I became a business administration major to hone my entrepreneurial talents — and added a film and media studies minor to help my brand stay competitive in a world saturated with media content. Both of these areas of study have been extremely beneficial for my business and at the start of 2020, I had already shipped more than 300 orders.

I knew it was time to take Glossy and Bossy to the next level. And it was when I got the opportunity to compete in the Hammack School of Business’s Shark Tank-style competition that my business really began to soar.

Models in Glossy and Bossy

Glossy and Bossy photo shoot

With $4,000 in prize money on the line, I wanted to show that my business had staying power. I presented a vision for Glossy and Bossy that would expand my marketing efforts and develop the brand.  My presentation included a logistical analysis of my supply chain, an examination of my ideal market and competitive brands, and how I planned to grow my business over the next year. I had done thorough research to perfect my craft. I ended up winning the competition, which gave me the resources to follow through on my vision for the company.

I was able to purchase new packaging that helped build a more defined aesthetic for the brand, which in turn helped guide my photoshoots. I hired models and, with the help of another Oglethorpe creative Caleb Smith, created new content for more creative marketing campaigns. My major helped me develop a strategy for my business and the prize money from the competition helped me implement it.

Glossy and Bossy products

Glossy and Bossy products

Now, my marketing concepts and efforts have been noticed by a much wider audience. Glossy and Bossy has even been featured in publications like VoyageATL. I have built a platform for my brand and with new content coming out, there are many things to look out for in the future for Glossy and Bossy.

On December 3rd, Glossy and Bossy will have our first pop up shop, where I will be selling products off my website, as well as a limited amount of my new collection coming out called “Diamonds are Forever”. This collection will be available for sale in the month of December, and the release date will be announced on social media very soon.

With plenty more to learn at Oglethorpe, I’m excited to see where my business takes me!

Grant Utter contributed to this article. Photos by Caleb Smith @Averymediainc.

View Amina’s winning presentation at last year’s Shark Tank Idea Incubator competition below:

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