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‘OUMA Nights’ showcases student artists, performers, entrepreneurs

Together with student organizations Models of OUBlack Student CaucusDYNA.STTY, and Art Flow, student interns in the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art organized and hosted the annual OUMA Nights on April 18. The 100+ students who attended enjoyed live performances, supported student entrepreneurs, and admired OUMA’s current art exhibits.

Student organization "Models of OU" dressed in Greek inspired costumes for OUMA Nights.

Student organization and performers “Models of OU” at OUMA Nights.

OUMA Nights is a tradition launched by alumna Abbie Argo ’18 in 2017. The event is a creative showcase for students to exhibit their artwork, perform, or promote their businesses. OUMA Senior Exhibitions Coordinator Nicole Buruse ’23, worked with other student event coordinators, Penelope Bertrand ’26 and Heidi Ullman ’26, and student organizations to put on the event. 

“We use the event to highlight students at Oglethorpe and their talent while also promoting the Museum and bringing everybody together,” says Buruse. “At OUMA Nights, students of all backgrounds join in the fun — the event is open to anybody and everybody!”

The theme of this year’s OUMA Nights was Mythology. The event’s promotional flyer featured Michelangelo’s “La Pietà,” which was chosen to juxtapose Oglethorpe artist-in-residence Shanequa Gay’s “La Pieta.” OU’s Student Government Association purchased the painting in spring 2019.

Graphic for OUMA (Oglethorpe Museum of Art) Nights 2023, featuring image of Michelango's Pieta Statue

More than 20 students participated in the event as artists, performers, and vendors. Amina Sahovic ’24 represented her “Glossy and Bossy” business at OUMA Nights.

“So much talent, so much elegance,” said Sahovic about the experience. “This was a wonderful event to bring the students together in OUMA! Glossy and Bossy is always supported by the Oglethorpe community.”

"Divinidad" by Sophia Sobrino. Oil on masonite painting of a young girl in a white dress and pink shawl with an orange tree behind her.

“Divinidad” by Sophia Sobrino

In addition to curating the OUMA Nights artist exhibition, Sophia Sobrino ’25 presented her artwork Divinidad. Sobrino is a student intern at the museum and was recently featured for her other internship at Atlanta’s May Patterson Goodrum House.

“Participating in OUMA Nights was a great opportunity to share my artwork,” says Sobrino. “The event helped me connect with others through art and share some of my experiences as an artist.”





Congratulations to all the students who participated in a successful OUMA Nights:

Student Vendors:

Ivi Wicks, “D’vynne Beauty”
Amina Sahovic, “Glossy & Bossy”
Bren Alford
Sharon Olubajo
Sophia Sobrino
Royalty Reaves
Brook Deutschman
Madi Stelly
Amber Phillips

Student Artists:

Brenna Alford
Sophia Sobrino
Penelope Bertrand
Abi Wilson
Kristana Quinnan
Madeline Turner
Brook Deutschman

Student Performers:

Aurora Santifer
Gavin Spyer
Megan Cobley
Jennah Waters
Models of OU

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