Civic Engagement

Voter preparedness course collection available on LinkedIn Learning

Election Day is just weeks away, and in many states, including Georgia, voters are already headed to the polls. To help you prepare for this upcoming election, Oglethorpe has curated a new collection of short courses through LinkedIn Learning — a free service available to all students, staff and faculty.

The “Civic Engagement/Voter Preparedness” playlist includes 11 videos totaling just 90 minutes, aimed at helping voters parse an abundance of information (and misinformation) regarding the upcoming election.

From “Decoding polling results” to “How do you identify and report deepfake videos?,” this playlist will bolster your media literacy and help you make a more informed decision at the polls.

This playlist complements other efforts to help the Oglethorpe community to be informed voters. Civic Engagement scholars recently released State Voting Guides that detail important deadlines. Additionally, multiple drop-in hours throughout October are available for students to walk through the voting process and ensure they can vote come election day.

Plus, other related webinars and lectures are scheduled for the upcoming weeks, including:

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Why stop there? LinkedIn Learning is a resource with more than 5,000 high-quality, detailed training options, including the latest in-demand business, creative and technology skills to support professional and personal development. LinkedIn Learning offers courses for all experience and skill levels and gives each user the ability to:

  • Create custom playlists for coursework and professional development, based on your areas of interest
  • Set weekly goals for learning
  • View customized top recommended picks based on identified areas of interest
  • Use preset learning paths to delve into focused interests
  • Explore trending training topics and the platform’s most popular courses
  • Select options for microlearning — courses that run 30 minutes or fewer
  • Connect your LinkedIn profile and track, save, and share your completed courses with your LinkedIn network

Follow this link to get started with the “Civic Engagement/Voter Preparedness” playlist or or log in through the Oglethorpe website (just use your OU log-in!) to begin exploring the thousands of educational videos in the LinkedIn Learning library.

For log-in questions, please contact the Oglethorpe Help Desk. The LinkedIn Learning Help website also offers helpful resources, FAQs, and a live chat feature to help with questions.

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