Students selected for 2020-2021 Honor Council

Oglethorpe University Honor Council Secretary Dr. Michael Rulison has announced the students who will serve on the 2020-2021 Honor Council—students selected by their peers to be entrusted with helping to uphold the academic standards of Oglethorpe University.

Congratulations to:

Caroline Bond ’21
Jimmy Creamer ’21
Clara Grimaldo ’21
Vivian Manso ’21
Lola Oyinloye ’21
Talia Weinstein ’21
Makayla Adams ’22
Courtland Davis ’22
Toju Etiwe ’22
Gwyneth Wilson ’22
Tyler Benson ’23
Marc Collins ’23

The Honor Council consists of student representatives from each of Oglethorpe’s academic programs, faculty representatives, and a secretary, who is a tenured senior faculty member.

For students, the minimum qualifications for service include academic good standing, financial and financial aid good standing, no history of significant behavioral problems, no prior honor code liabilities or unresolved accusations, and a personal pledge that each such student will be available for his/her full term of service.

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