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Sophomore Ivi D’vynne releases new music single with producer KC Clayton

Ivi (Wicks) D’vynne ’23 recently released a single “Running Out of Time” with producer and University of Memphis Professor Kurt “KC” Clayton.

“Running Out of Time” single by Ivi D’vynne

The rising Oglethorpe sophomore was first introduced to the two-time Grammy nominee at a 2016 Juneteenth talent competition in Memphis, which Clayton judged.

“Working with him was magic, honestly,” D’vynne said about the producer. “Being around someone who is truly in love with their gift and passion was inspirational, especially when we only had three days to plan, make the beat, and record for ‘RunningĀ  Out of Time.'”

D’vynne, a Communication Studies major and Theatre minor, has had a passion for music since receiving her first piano and eventually performing for the first time at age 14.

“Seeing the effects that my song had on my audience let me know that this is something that I want to do. Being able to relate to others in their own perspective is powerful,” she said. “Most importantly, I feel understood through my music. Music and writing are my safe haven.”

Ivi D’vynne ’23

When asked how she has been able to apply what she has learned at Oglethorpe to her music, the singer/songwriter referenced the university’s motto Nescit Cedere. Taken from the Oglethorpe family crest, this phrase translates as “s/he does not know how to give up” and perfectly captures the tenacity and pride of the Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels.

“If you pay close attention, this quote is exercised daily on Oglethorpe’s campus by students, and it can weigh heavily on you if you allow it. If there is one thing that I learned by being at Oglethorpe, it is to never give up no matter what life throws at you.”

During her first year at Oglethorpe, D’vynne joined Oglethorpe’s chapter of the Collegiate 100, Black Student Caucus, and University Singers and is involved in Oglethorpe Theatre.

“Being a part of the Arts at Oglethorpe University constantly makes me realize why I love singing, writing music and scripts, and acting.”

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