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Oglethorpe in the news: Aug. 30-Sept. 19

Cooper Carry Unveils Oglethorpe Building, Context Gallery Opens at ADAC West, and More News in Atlanta

With events for designers happening daily, and new projects cropping up all over the city, keeping track of all the goings-on in Atlanta can be a tall order. That’s why AD PRO is here to keep you informed for the week.

Across Atlanta, universities start school year with intriguing architectural additions

As college students across the city get settled into new dorm rooms and start navigating fall semester schedules, they’ll also find notable new additions on campus. For instance, at Emory University, the school just completed a 130,000-square-foot student center under the guidance of Duda|Paine Architects and MHTN Architects.

Oglethorpe President Has Strong Political Voice

Last month Lawrence Schall, the president of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, read about the funeral of one of the 17 victims of the shootings in El Paso Aug. 3. The husband of the woman killed, Margie Reckard, didn’t have other family, so he invited anyone who wanted to come to her burial service to attend.

Diversified Search Tapped by Oglethorpe University to Find President – Hunt Scanlon Media

With the new academic year underway, a number of colleges and universities across the country are opening searches that, if all goes to plan, will provide high-profile leaders to take them into a new era of fundraising, digitalization, sports and, increasingly the case, globalization.

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