Oglethorpe education is low on risk, high on reward

Choosing a college is not only a commitment of four years, it can also be a commitment financially. Higher education is an investment in your future and Oglethorpe has proven to return on that investment.

Oglethorpe is rated second among private colleges in Georgia, and sixth overall, in Lend EDU‘s Third Annual Risk-Reward Indicator Study, placing it above Georgia State University, Berry College, Mercer University and many more.

LendEDU has defined the risk of attending a respective 4-year college or university as the average student loan debt per graduate at that institution. The reward of attending that same 4-year college or university is the average early career pay for graduates of that respective school. Average early career pay for graduates can also be defined as the median salary for alumni with 0-5 years of work experience.

Using data licensed from Peterson’s, LendEDU was able to calculate the average debt per borrower figure at each school, and in turn the average debt per graduate figure. LendEDU then used PayScale’s College Salary Report 2017-2018 to find the median salary for graduates from each school with 0-5 years experience. That median salary figure for each respective school was then divided from the average debt per graduate figure for the same school. The resulting number was LendEDU’s College Risk-Reward Indicator (CRRI) figure.

LendEDU’s goal is to create transparency in financial markets, such as private student loans and student loan refinancing, to help consumers make educated decisions and better manage their money. The company has also created hundreds of original guides, tools, and resources designed to help students and graduates make tough financial decisions and ensure that they are making, saving, and growing their money to the best of their abilities.

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