Brookhaven safest city in Atlanta Perimeter, no. 10 in Georgia

brookhaven logoBrookhaven, home of Oglethorpe University and 50,000 residents, was recently ranked the safest city inside the I-285 perimeter by Safe Home. Brookhaven also ranked in the top 10 in the state of Georgia.

“I am very proud that Brookhaven has achieved this ranking,” said Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst. “Our police department is a source of pride for our city, and continues to make this community a great place in which to live.”

Safe Home considers several different factors when assigning a Safety Score to a city. First and foremost are the FBI’s latest crime reports, but city’s crime trends are also considered, where crime is on the decline are given a higher Safety Score and vice-versa. Safehome also looks at the number of law enforcement officers compared to the population, while demographic metrics that are correlated to crime, such as population density, population trends, unemployment rate, median income and education level, have a small impact on Safety Score.

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