Library director featured on NYU radio’s “Looking Back at Tomorrow”

looking back at tomorrow podcastPhilip Weltner Library Director Eli Arnold ’06 was recently featured on the WNYU radio show and podcast, “Looking Back at Tomorrow,” to lend his expertise on time capsules and Oglethorpe’s Crypt of Civilization.

On “Looking Back at Tomorrow,” hosts Ryan and Zachary examine how humanity’s predictions for the future have changed over the years. The show has previously examined the world’s evolving view of energy, communication and agriculture, not to mention pop culture technologies such as hover boards. The real ones from Back to the Future II, not the ones with wheels.

The Crypt of Civilization time capsule is the oldest millennial time capsule in conception and the largest in the world. Dreamed up by Oglethorpe University president Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, who has been called “the father of the modern time capsule,” the Crypt was sealed on May 28, 1940 and is not to be opened until May 28, 8113.

Listen to Part 1 of “Looking Back at Tomorrow’s” time capsule episode with Eli’s guest appearance.

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