Carillon Ceremony continues special tradition for graduating seniors

In the final days leading up to Commencement, members of the Class of 2024 participated in the Carillon Ceremony, a special tradition for graduating seniors.

Facilitated by the Oglethorpe Alumni Association, the Carillon Ceremony began in 2005. The ceremony offers graduating seniors the opportunity to climb up to the Lupton Bell Tower, sign a historical carillon registry book and ring one of the bells by hand.

Prior to the ceremony, the class also took their official class photo in the Dubose Circle on the Academic Quad.

As they waited their turn to enter the bell tower, students enjoyed dinner together, decorated their graduation caps, and heard from members of the Alumni Association who offered their congratulations and support.

“It was great to meet so many seniors before they climbed up the bell tower to ring the carillon bells. Emotions were high, from the anticipation before the climb to the excitement on the way down. One student was even in tears,” said Mark DeLong ’03, member of the Alumni Association board. “It’s a great culmination of their Oglethorpe experience – and one we hope they repeat during a future Alumni Weekend!”

Ringing the carillon bell signifies the students’ completion of their studies and transition into the Oglethorpe Alumni Association. The 42-bell carillon tower of Lupton Hall is an iconic piece of architecture, central to the university’s identity. At each Alumni Weekend, an opportunity is offered to all alumni to participate in the ceremony.

Individual photos from the Class of 2024 Carillon Ceremony are available to download here.

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