Oglethorpe University recognized for student safety, well-being and inclusion efforts

Oglethorpe University has been named a recipient of the 2023 Campus Prevention Network (CPN) Seal of Prevention.

Blue background square graphic of 2023 Campus Prevention Network Seal of Prevention

Presented by Vector Solutions, the Seal of Prevention is awarded to higher education institutions that have demonstrated leadership in prevention programming focused on student safety, well-being, and inclusion.

Vector Solutions provides postsecondary safety and prevention training, serving more than 2,000 institutions and organizations nationwide. Its online safety, prevention, and compliance programs reach 10+ million higher education students, staff, and faculty annually and are intended to drive change on important campus issues, including alcohol and other drugs; sexual assault and harassment; diversity and inclusion; and mental health.

Recipients of the CPN Seal of Prevention have taken action to create a safer, more inclusive campus. The seal helps to discern which schools have invested in quality online prevention education and implementation practices, and where prevention is central to key institutional outcomes.

Guided by its Strategic Plan, Oglethorpe University has over recent years expanded programs and efforts to improve student success overall and to address specific issues like student mental health and belonging.

“The CPN Seal of Prevention™ recipients reflect the top 10% of colleges and universities nationwide that have demonstrated their commitment and investment to not only academics but also the well-being of their students and the overall college experience,” said Jonathan Cherins, CEO at Vector Solutions.

“Our team at Vector Solutions is proud to recognize the great work these leading institutions and organizations are doing and the commitment that we also share to making higher education communities safer and more inclusive.”

A full list of the 2023 recipients of the CPN Seal of Prevention and more information on the award can be found here.

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