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Oglethorpe senior connects with Georgia constituents in Senator Ossoff internship

Oglethorpe University senior Cimaya McCreary ’24 made her first steps into the world of public service this semester working as outreach intern for Senator Jon Ossoff’s Atlanta office, located just a few miles from campus. In her role, McCreary not only honed her communication skills but also developed a keen understanding of the intricate workings of government.

Cimaya McCreary '24 and Kiana Perkins '21

Cimaya McCreary ’24 and Kiana Perkins ’21, an OU alumna who works for Senator Ossoff

As an outreach intern, McCreary connected constituents to federal services, created event resources and conducted political research. Her outreach work included speaking with residents from her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, listening to their stories and providing guidance.

“This is deeply rewarding, because I am able to serve everyday individuals who live dedicated lives,” says McCreary, a psychology major. “From family services to constituent comments, I am honored to provide a sense of solace for Georgians.”

Every day looked a little different for the budding public service professional — from working on an intense outreach research project to meeting inspiring constituents at community events. McCreary emphasizes that her work required flexibility, diligence and strong communication skills — qualities she has honed during her time at Oglethorpe.

McCreary specifically acknowledged Oglethorpe University’s Core curriculum when thinking about her growth into becoming a young professional. She highlighted the importance of critical thinking through the lens of identity, citing novels like Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” and Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” as catalysts for understanding identity as a powerful force for positive change.

“I am immensely grateful for my outreach internship at Senator Ossoff’s office, because I experienced top-down support, professional development, and networking opportunities, says McCreary. “Additionally, my journey at Oglethorpe University exposed me to engaging teachers who value students as people. My academic backbone, professional acumen, and leadership positions me to pursue a life in public service.”

McCreary isn’t the first Petrel to work for the Georgia senator — and won’t be the last. OU alumna Kiana Perkins ’21 started as an intern, too, and has worked in the Atlanta office as a digital correspondence and outreach associate since 2022. And recently, Senior Class President Randi Parks ’23 secured an internship with Ossoff for the spring semester.

“For me, acquiring this internship is an invaluable opportunity for me to delve into the heart of Georgia’s concerns and witness firsthand how a senator’s district office actively shapes and influences the lives of our citizens,” says Parks. “I’m eager to absorb knowledge about Georgian issues and governance, which will undoubtedly enrich my path towards law school and beyond.”

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