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Participate in O Book traditions and write your OU story

Since the 1940s, the O Book has served as a living piece of Oglethorpe University history. Presented to students by the Alumni Association, the O Book shares the story behind the university’s traditions and helps all Petrels learn about the role they play in the larger history of OU.

The O Book details events, traditions, celebrations, and oddities that make OU such a unique and special place. Our current students are an integral part of carrying Oglethorpe into the future.

All students are encouraged to complete the traditions in the O Book at any time during their Oglethorpe journey and commemorate each with a photo or keepsake of the activity.  Once you have participated in 10 of the traditions in the O Book, you’ll be given a special O Pin and the important designation of an Oglethorpe Tradition Guardian at a special event each spring.

Simply complete this form when you’ve participated in 10 traditions in the O Book.

You can learn more about these traditions in this video from the Alumni Association and download your own copy of the O Book to begin tracking your progress.

Like you, I first learned about these traditions as an Oglethorpe student, but they’ve come to mean even more to me as an alumna. I’m so honored to get to share them with each of you!

Kathryn Henderson ’17 is Director of Alumni Engagement and Giving at Oglethorpe University.

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