Annual senior giving campaign supports safe space on campus for food donations, distribution

Oglethorpe’s Class of 2023 showed up in a big way by launching their “Seniors for Students” fundraising campaign with just under 100 days until their graduation celebration.

The campaign kickoff welcomed all seniors and featured motivational messages from senior class representatives of the Student Government Association (SGA), food trucks, and a champagne toast.

This year’s campaign to support Petey’s Pantry is led by Senior Class President Marc Collins ’23. Collins kicked off the event by inviting his peers to become a part of the university’s legacy.

“Oglethorpe values philanthropy and puts it at the forefront of our education. Before we may even realize it, we end up giving too,” he said. “Oglethorpe has done a great job allowing spaces like Petey’s Pantry to exist. I am happy to say that with Petey’s Pantry being a landmark of giving on campus, the Senior Gift Campaign this year will focus on advancing Petey’s Pantry. We hope to supplement Oglethorpe with a diverse second food option on campus.”

Petey’s Pantry is a donation-funded food pantry formed from a subcommittee of SGA. The purpose of Petey’s Pantry is to provide free and sustainable supplies for all Oglethorpe students, regardless of income. Supplies may include non-perishable food, water, and other personal care items necessary to maintain a happy and healthy experience at Oglethorpe.

“Petey’s Pantry means the difference between going hungry at night and having a fulfilled day for many students,” said student body president Ashrakat Hassan ’23. “With so many of our students being commuters, involved in so many activities, and busy students in general, finding time to eat each day can be a hassle. Funding Petey’s Pantry for the years to come is so important as it secures the future of so many Petrels. Having this as our legacy as the Class of 2023 means being a foundational part of students’ lives for years to come!”

The senior class continues to show their dedication to the enrichment of this safe space by raising awareness around hunger and food justice issues, especially as experienced by college students.

Collins called for 100% participation from all seniors by the 2023 Commencement Ceremony. To commemorate their graduation year, requests are for $20.23 from each donor, but any amount is welcome. While every dollar matters, every donor matters even more.

All members of the Oglethorpe community are invited to make a contribution in support of the senior class.

Senior Class Gift Campaign Kickoff

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