Filming at OU generates revenue, hands-on experience for students

The next two weekends Oglethorpe University will once again host movie productions on its historic and distinctive campus.

From Friday, Oct. 21 to Monday, Oct. 24, the quad will be used as a movie set. The keyhole and library parking lot will be closed for the production.

From Wednesday, Oct. 26 to Saturday, Oct. 29, the quad and interior of Hearst Hall will be used for filming. The keyhole, library parking lot and small Hearst lot will be used to support the production and closed for production. If the closures create a problem for those with accessibility challenges, please notify [email protected] for accommodations.

OU students, faculty and staff are asked to follow directional signage and be aware that during filming pedestrian traffic will be limited in certain areas for a short period of time. Also, because privacy is a key concern of the movies filming on campus, the OU community is asked to refrain from taking pictures or posting on social media.

While there are temporary inconveniences associated with each shoot, the projects generate revenue that contributes to Oglethorpe’s ability to offer scholarships to students and keep tuition and fees at lower rates.

Campus rental revenues make up almost 5% of the University’s operating budget and film revenue is a substantial portion. Since fall 2020, the campus has hosted more than 30 filming projects, including the recently released popular Netflix film “Do Revenge” featuring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke.

The benefits are more than financial. The University is actively finding more ways for students to gain experience and expert knowledge directly from Atlanta’s growing film industry.

The impact to Oglethorpe’s academic mission and the students is considered before each project is approved, and the set is designed to help the production capture what it needs with minimal disruption.

If you have questions, reach out to Oglethorpe University – Filming at [email protected].

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