Students create comprehensive communications strategies for Atlanta businesses

Students in Special Topics in Communication Studies recently presented comprehensive public relations campaigns to two local businesses as part of a semester-long service learning project. These campaigns included guidance on social media strategy, branding, web design, community engagement and more.

Instructed by Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Dr. Kate Keib, students in this class were guided through the process of creating a campaign, including research, strategy and planning. They also learned how to professionally and ethically communicate with clients and the public. By the end of the class, students had created complete campaign books, which were provided to the client during their final presentations.

Student Danyelle Briggs '22 presents a communications strategy with her team

Danyelle Briggs ’22 presents a communications strategy with her team

This semester, students worked with the Latin American Association and Contrast Artisan Ales, which are both based in Atlanta. After learning the ins and outs of effective PR campaigns, students collaborated with both businesses to assess their needs and address them through communication strategy. Ideas included creating engaging video content for YouTube, re-organizing websites, attending local business meetings and building community via social media.

“Through projects like this, we’re building lasting relationships with these businesses who are very grateful for our work,” says public relations major Danyelle Briggs ’22, “And it gives me something to put in my digital portfolio when I’m looking at PR and communications positions. I can give this work to future employers and say ‘This is the quality of work that I’m capable of.'”

Students wishing to take this class have a new opportunity beginning in the Fall 2022 semester. The recently-formed Weltner Consulting Agency — a student-led PR firm at Oglethorpe — is merging with this class to provide students with more experience working with real-world clients. Students will be able to take the class twice, allowing them to “work” in the firm for a full year.

Interested students can sign up for the introductory level COM 290 or take on more leadership with the 490-level offering, both called “Strategic Communications Practicum”. Contact Dr. Kate Keib for more details.

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