Humans of Oglethorpe

Humans of Oglethorpe: Stephen Graffius ’24

Stephen Graffius ’24 is a junior physics-engineering dual degree major. 

“The reason I came to Oglethorpe is because I was recruited to run cross country and track. And it’s worked out so far, which is really nice. I’ve picked up a lot of things along the way that I wouldn’t have really expected—like joining a fraternity—because I didn’t think I would fit into that kind of lifestyle. But Greek life here is a lot different, because we focus more on building a community, and philanthropy. 

Stephen at track meet

Stephen (left) at a spring 2021 Oglethorpe track meet

I’ve been doing track since eighth grade. I started doing cross country my junior year of high school—one of my friends was also a runner, so he got me into it. I think it’s been beneficial for me. It helped me develop more and get the most out of high school that I could, and it’s what led me here. 

Running at the state meet was probably the peak of my high school experience. It was fall senior year. I ran pretty well, and so did the team. It was a lot of fun. That was in Carrolton, which is actually where I live now—I’m from Alpharetta, but my mom got a new job as the choral director for the University of West Georgia. 

Stephen and family

Stephen (left) with his family

My mom, being such a musical person—and my sister, too—definitely forced me to experience different things. Like, I’m a big fan of musicals now. If I didn’t have her as a mom, or if I didn’t go to see my sister’s shows in the theatre program, I don’t think I would have that. I play piano and guitar pretty casually, and I like it even though I don’t do it very often. But I have this love for music, which is really cool. 

I’m doing the three-two [Physics] program. Hopefully I’ll be at Georgia Tech next semester—I submitted my application a week and a half ago, which is super stressful. But I’m excited. Specifically, I want to do civil engineering—designing bridges, roads, buildings and all that. It’s great that we have this program with them, and the really cool thing is that I can still run for Oglethorpe after I transfer to Tech. I’m looking forward to it.”

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