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Paul Hackett Scholarship helps students study abroad in Edinburgh, Florence, London

Congratulations to three Oglethorpe students who were awarded the Paul Hoskins Hackett Study Abroad Scholarship for the fall 2021 semester.

Wade Cook ’22 at Stonehenge in southern England.

The scholarship, which assists students with the costs associated with study abroad, was created by the Robitaille Family in memory of their son, alumnus Paul Hackett.

The scholarship recipients are:

  • Wade Cook III ’22, a communications studies major, currently studying abroad in London, England.
  • Sydney Hamming ’23, a psychology major, who is studying this semester at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.
  • Matthew Ward ’22, a Spanish major, currently studying at the Florence University of the Arts in Italy.

Sydney Hamming ’23

“Oglethorpe has prepared me to be able to succeed anywhere by equipping me with critical thinking and a hard-working attitude,” said Hamming, “Studying abroad is a great opportunity to test yourself in one of the most enjoyable ways possible. You can see new things and meet new people, all while making progress on your degree and understanding yourself a little better!”

“I think it’s a great opportunity because it ultimately forces you to leave your comfort zone,” said Cook. “You find yourself in what essentially feels like a whole other planet on earth, and if you have an open mind, that’s an amazing feeling. Immersing myself in a culture that is in no way like my own has truly been a great opportunity and has surprisingly changed the way I view the world and life in general.”

“Oglethorpe helped me to meet friends from other countries and to be exposed to foreign languages,” said Ward. “Studying abroad allows a student to experience life in a different culture and provides a wider perspective of the world in which we live.”

Matthew Ward ’22 at the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.

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