New HSB lecturer focuses on entrepreneurship

Leroy Carson, Jr., a new business management senior lecturer in the Hammack School of Business, sees pandemic-related chaos as a good thing.

Leroy Carson, Jr., Senior Lecturer in Business Management

“Many tremendous entrepreneurial feats happen after a depressed time in the economy,” Carson said. “This is true because need sparks demands where only the creative can satisfy.”

He ought to know. Carson has nearly 30 years of experience in corporate leadership with companies such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Starwood Hotels and PepsiCo Taco Bell Division. It’s this optimism he brings to the classroom at Oglethorpe.

“The havoc that the global pandemic has spawned has led to new businesses, revelations on societal priorities, and new opportunities for artistry to reshape global views on life and our planet,” he said. “What an amazing time to be a student in an era of rediscovery!”

Carson begins his teaching career at Oglethorpe with three sections of Principles of Management.

“I see teaching as only one of the many tools of empowerment. I enjoy empowering people to exceed their potential,” he said. “Teaching, listening, co-creating, coaching, understanding and collaborating are just a few of the many tools of enablement and empowerment.”

Teaching may be his newest tool, but the rest are not. One thing missing from the list? Reinvention.

Carson’s earned his first two degrees – a B.S. and A.S. – in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University.

“I have friends who are famous chefs today and are amazing creators,” he said. “But that is only one side of the coin.”

Carson was interested in a different kind of creation: entrepreneurship. He earned an M.B.A. at Kennesaw State University and is close to completing his D.B.A. at Georgia State University. His education and experience make him have high hopes for Oglethorpe.

“The scholarly research I have done over the last few years leads me to believe that HSB will shape how Atlanta sees entrepreneurship education happen over the next few decades,” he said. “I am here to be a part of it.”

Carson said he is looking forward to the collaborative university environment to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“I believe in innovation,” he said. “The current state is always a starting point to something else … Let us see what we can take out of the current environment, learn, assess, create, innovate and implement what we have designed — always leaving room for improvement and modification. Let us all teach as we learn and attempt to be great together.”

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