“America’s Funniest Videos: Animal Edition” spotlights Oglethorpe’s mascot

Oglethorpe University mascot Petey the Petrel was recently featured on Season 1 of “America’s Funniest Videos: Animal Edition.” Seen flapping his wings and hanging out with students across campus, Oglethorpe’s favorite sea-faring bird was given a special shout out as “one of the most unique mascots in all of college sports.”

“When it comes to amazing animal mascots, Petey the Petrel is at the top of the list. He’s the B.B.O.C. — the Big Bird on Campus,” lauds host Alfonso Ribeiro.

Students and Petey in the 31st annual Petrels of Fire footraceEach episode of this “America’s Funniest Videos” spinoff dedicates a segment to highlighting the most unusual college mascots across the country, like UC Santa Cruz’s Sammy the Banana Slug. Petey was featured in¬†Episode 11 of this inaugural season.

The segment delves into the history of the stormy petrel mascot, chosen because it embodies tenacity, courage and never giving up — Nescit Cedere. According to legend, the university’s namesake James Edward Oglethorpe admired the petrel’s bravery, diving in and out of churning seas, even in ferocious storms.

Petey can often be found at sporting events and campus traditions, doling out high-fives and taking selfies with his fellow Petrels. The segment shows him running through the crowd at the annual Petrels of Fire race and cheering along with students at a game.

“America’s Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition” is available to watch for free on the National Geographic website, or on Disney+ with a subscription.

Watch Petey the Petrel in action here. Petey’s segment begins at 29:46.

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