Vert Digital case study highlights Oglethorpe’s Flagship 50 digital advertising campaign

Leading Atlanta digital marketing and advertising agency Vert Digital recently published a case study on the digital advertising campaign for Oglethorpe’s signature Flagship 50 program. Vert has served as Oglethorpe’s website and digital marketing partner for nearly a decade.

In the case study, Vert outlines the successful national awareness advertising campaign for Oglethorpe’s Flagship 50 merit scholarship program, which launched in 2018. Flagship 50, the first program of its kind, incentivizes qualified out-of-state students to enroll at Oglethorpe by matching their in-state tuition.

As part of the digital campaign, Vert partnered with Oglethorpe to develop dynamic ads that changed state-by-state to match the corresponding tuition rates.

Vert has continued to optimize versions of the campaign for four consecutive semesters. Since the campaign’s launch, Oglethorpe has seen a 49% increase in enrollment from out-of-state students through Flagship 50, as well as record years of enrollment.

The Flagship 50 campaign has won an AVA digital marketing platinum award — and the program has received national media attention from Forbes, Nasdaq, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and Education Dive.

Read the full case study.

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