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Sophomore selected for young creator and innovator mentorship programs

Ivi D'vynne '23

Ivi D’vynne ’23

Ivi D’vynne ’23 is just wrapping up her sophomore year, but has already flexed her networking skills and built a resume of relevant experiences that will take her far in her career.

In spring 2020, the communication studies major and film minor was invited to attend the C2 College Summit, which seeks to “elevate tomorrow’s thought leaders and creatives and celebrate the power of diversity.”  The C2 Summit is an initiative for students of color that offers interactive educational experiences, employment opportunities, and access to leaders and advisors in business, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, and beyond.

“Through this program, I had the opportunity to speak with and gain knowledge from some of the best within the entertainment industry,” D’vynne reflected. “I also had my resume reviewed by a Broadway actor. But most importantly, I had the chance to connect with young professionals like myself.”

That opportunity led to another. Following the C2 Summit, D’vynne was selected among participants to also attend JBL Campus SoundSessions, hosted by JBL/Harman audio company to provide mentoring opportunities for minority students who aspire to work in music production, marketing, business, technology or engineering.

During the six SoundSessions, students had the chance to learn directly from JBL executives, engineers, and music industry changemakers — and to compete for scholarship opportunities.

D’vynne was introduced to the C2 Summit through her Collegiate 100 mentor, Matthew Harbor. In 2020, Oglethorpe established a chapter of Collegiate 100, which provides mentorship opportunities to college students through the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., recognized as the nation’s top African American-led mentoring organization.

“I believe in being at the right place at the right time. If it wasn’t for my mentor, I might not have known about this program.”

Her new connections have continued to provide opportunities for D’vynne, as well as other Oglethorpe students, to connect with professionals and develop their leadership and creative skills.

Zuri Johnson '23

Zuri Johnson ’23

Last month, D’vynne attended another event for young innovators together with fellow OU student Zuri Johnson ’23 — the sixth annual [email protected], which was hosted virtually this year. A collaboration with South By Southwest, [email protected] offers hundreds of keynote speakers, musical performances, and festival screenings for budding entrepreneurs and creators.

On campus, D’vynne has been an influential member of the Collegiate 100Black Student Caucus, University Singers and Oglethorpe Theatre.

This academic year, she also founded DYNA.STTY, a student organization that seeks to connect, inspire, and motivate college students through creativity, truth, well-being, and campus leadership.

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