Oglethorpe announces plans for full return to campus in Fall 2021

Oglethorpe University President Nick Ladany announced today the university’s plans for a full return to campus for the fall semester.

“As we near the mid-semester mark, I continue to be inspired by the commitment and ingenuity of our community,” said President Ladany. “As vaccinations continue to be dispersed and transmission rates slowly decline, we are planning for a full return to in-person academic instruction and residential life in Fall 2021. I am so looking forward to our full return to campus and to seeing many of you (in-person) for the first time.”

The following outlines important details for the Oglethorpe community as it prepares for the fall and summer terms.

Preparation for Fall 2021

Oglethorpe is preparing to return nearly all courses to in-person instruction in Fall 2021. In an effort to provide maximum flexibility, we will retain a small number of hybrid and remote courses. Registration for fall courses opens April 12, 2021. Updated academic calendars are posted on the HUB for Enrollment Services site.

Oglethorpe is also planning for a full return to residential life in the fall semester. Students who have not yet completed their junior year will be expected to live in university housing (including Gables for eligible residents) unless they submit a housing exemption application and it is approved. The Fall 2021 housing and exemption applications will open on March 22; students will receive a message next week with complete details. Greek housing will also reopen in the fall semester.

Students living on campus will be expected to adhere to community health and safety guidelines, which will be assessed and communicated closer to the start of the semester.

Instruction Formats in Summer 2021

Oglethorpe plans to offer a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remote courses in Summer 2021. As is the case this spring semester, both in-person and hybrid courses will have an on-campus component. Remote courses will continue to meet virtually. The modality of all courses will be indicated in OASIS. Registration for summer courses and for summer housing opens April 12, 2021.

Continued Support & Student Success

As Oglethorpe returns to campus, we will continue to support student success in the classroom and in our community. As such, the overload fee will again be waived in Fall 2021, which means returning students who meet the overload requirements of our University Bulletin will be allowed to enroll in up to 23 credit hours at no additional cost.

As a reminder, if students’ financial situation has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, they may be eligible to receive Emergency Assistance Funding or additional financial aid. Students are encouraged to stay in communication with the Office of Financial Aid.

Frequently asked questions are available on our COVID-19 website and additional information on housing, registration, athletics, and commencement will be released as soon as it is available.

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