Impact of science on society explored through student presentations

Science and human nature are mutually reinforcing in modern society. These are the guiding principles behind the final course in Oglethorpe’s CORE curriculum.

During December, students in the 400-level course Science and Human Nature are participating in a digital program that will explore the history, philosophy and practice of science and how it interacts with society. In small groups, students will present 30-minute mini-symposiums on a selected topic and deliver them virtually. Tune in to see how Oglethorpe students explore the vast, scientific world.

Science and Human Nature examines the relationship between science and society, developing an appreciation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and their role in society. A distinguishing characteristic of science is its reliance upon experimentation for the determination of scientific value, and the resolution of conflicts among the practitioners of science.

With the use of selected historical and contemporary topics, complemented by connections to its sister course in mathematics (COR 314: Mathematics and Human Nature), COR 400 seeks to equip the student with the necessary tools to appreciate the interplay of STEM and society in our lives, if we live those lives reflectively.

Presentations begin on Thursday, December 3, 2020 beginning at 6 p.m., with the final day of presentations on Monday, December 14. Visit for the full schedule of talks and links for attending the virtual presentations.

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