What is the new J-Term and which courses are offered?

Recently, Oglethorpe announced that a J-Term will be offered at the beginning of 2021. But what exactly is J-Term?

J-Term is a mini, four-week term that will run from Jan. 7-Feb. 4 and include fully remote courses. Some are completely unique to this new term—and all offer a chance for students to get a head start on the rest of the academic year. Students can enroll in a maximum of 5 credit hours at $450 per credit hour.

There are lots of reasons to take a J-Term course! J-Term is ideal for seniors needing a few extra credit hours to meet requirements—or to get prerequisites out of the way. Maybe you want to take CHM-102 and CHM-102L in Spring 2021, but haven’t taken CHM-101 and CHM-101L yet, for example. And, many of the J-Term courses are niche classes not offered very often, or have no pre-requisites and open to students of any major or discipline.

A new personal finance course, Financial Literacy/Accounting for Non-Majors, will help students tackle financial situations they will encounter in college and beyond. Students will explore daily topics like budgeting, cash management, and understanding debt, as well as long term goals like saving, investing, and retirement planning. The 2-credit course, open to all students, will promote financial literacy for informed decision-making throughout life.

Classes like Web Design are hands-on and will teach students creative applications and programs that can be applied to marketing and communications or to bolster a personal portfolio.

Students can dive deep in to history and culture with Food and Culture, Religion and Culture in the Ancient World and Art History from the LGBTQ Perspective.

For the cinephiles, French Suffragette Film and Biography and Music and Film in Television will help students cultivate a more critical eye for film and culture.

Political Islam examines the historical, political and theological roots of Islam in today’s global climate.

Ever wonder how an electroencephalogram monitors brainwaves? Brainwave Physics will analyze the science behind capturing brain activity and the future of brain-monitoring technology.

See a full list of special topics courses and their descriptions here. Additional J-Term courses are available in the course catalog in OASIS. Registration for J-Term 2021 and for the Spring 2021 semester opens on Monday, November 16.

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