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‘Write your OU story’ with the O-Book of campus traditions

The O-Book is a cornerstone of campus life and helps to introduce Oglethorpe University’s traditions to first-year students.

First created in the 1940s, the O-Book is a compilation of traditions that have been passed down year after year. This book and the traditions held within represent a living history of the students that have walked the brick and mortar of Oglethorpe’s halls.

While classes are 100 percent remote, Oglethorpe University has introduced a digital version of the 2020-2021 O-Book.

“Now is a better time than ever to make sure we keep these traditions alive,” says Richard Bakare ’03, president of the alumni association. “I think that by pursuing these traditions, we’ll help to keep this school year alive and vibrant.”

This semester at Oglethorpe, though remote, provides the opportunity to get a start on some of these traditions in new and inventive ways. Many campus organizations are still meeting remotely (be sure to check OUConnect for dates!).

Students like Tre Rice ’21 have livestreamed virtual musical performances. Last year’s Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium and more recently the fall semester-opening Convocation were presented virtually for all to attend.

Students who complete 10 to 15 traditions will be certified as an Oglethorpe Tradition Guardian and will receive an O-Pin to commemorate their participation. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Read your O BOOK cover to cover.

Step 2: Complete the traditions listed in the book. What are some traditions you can still complete now, virtually?  (Maybe you’ve already completed some!)

  • Sign the Honor Code
  • Join a campus organization
  • Participate in Greek recruitment
  • Attend a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting
  • Connect with your advisor and professors during their office hours
  • Attend a virtual event at the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art

Step 3: Visit the alumni website to report your completed traditions.

Step 4: After the Alumni Relations Office has verified your participation in at least 10 traditions, you will be invited to attend a special event in your honor to receive your very own O Pin, bestowed on you by an alumni member.

Good luck and have fun!

O-Book 2020-21

Read O-Book 2020-21 by Oglethorpe University on Issuu and browse thousands of other publications on our platform. Start here!

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