Politics professor appears on popular civics podcast

Oglethorpe Professor of Politics Joe Knippenberg was recently featured on the Constituting America podcast where he discusses the pros and cons of lengthy legislation.

Professor of Politics Joseph M. Knippenberg

Dr. Joe Knippenberg

In this discussion, Constituting America co-founder and co-president Janine Turner posits that overly-complex laws are inaccessible to the vast majority of United States citizens, posing a barrier to civic engagement with legislation. Dr. Knippenberg argues that “lengthy legislation works,” to eliminate guesswork and prevent an over-abundance of laws that might infringe on individual liberties.

Constituting America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the American public better understand the U.S Constitution and to encourage informed participation in civic duty. The podcast featuring Dr. Knippenberg was released to the organization’s YouTube channel which has over 14,000 subscribers.

Additionally, Dr. Knippenberg’s essay “Diversity and Liberal Education,” was recently published in the book “Diversity, Conformity and Conscience in Contemporary America,” a collection of essays that examines the way in which conformity may “infringe on the rights of conscience, expression, association, and religious freedom.”

Watch below to hear the full discussion featuring Dr. Knippenberg.

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