Oglethorpe Theatre’s Reiser Scene Shop used to produce protective barriers

In a recent update from the COVID-19 Task Force, Oglethorpe University announced that it will be installing physical barriers in learning and work spaces.

To contribute to this effort, Conant Performing Arts Center Facility Manager Jonathan Rollins has been working in Oglethorpe’s Reiser Scene Shop, repurposed to produce these acrylic barriers that will be installed across campus in time for the fall semester. Rollins has put his technical theatre skills to use to help students, faculty, and staff return to campus.

This installation of barriers has been promoted by the CDC, WHO and the ACHA as one method of reducing risk of COVID-19 transmission on campus. Large traditional classrooms will use a combination of these barriers and social distancing to promote safer teaching environments. In addition, public transactional spaces — like the dining hall, library, student center, Admission, and the HUB — will also be outfitted with barriers.

Currently, Oglethorpe plans to produce 360 classroom units, 40 transactional units, and at least 20 rolling units out of the scene shop.

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