Oglethorpe adopts a “test optional” policy for applicants

Oglethorpe University will implement a test optional policy for admission applicants as a part of a three-year pilot program, effective with the start of the 2021 admissions cycle.

This decision was made in an effort to address both the testing challenges many students have faced due to COVID-19 and the systemic issues of equity inherent in a reliance on standardized testing.

“As Oglethorpe continues to recruit and support students from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, it is important to recognize that SAT/ACT scores are highly correlated with family wealth, and that high school grades are often a much better predictor of success,” said Whitney Lewis, dean of admission and financial aid.

“We are thrilled to join the growing list of test optional institutions who have committed to truly evaluating applicants holistically and to allowing students to submit material they feel is reflective of their strengths.”

Accordingly, Oglethorpe will still accept SAT/ACT reports from students who believe their scores are accurate representations of their ability.  For applicants who do not wish to submit scores, they can choose to participate in an evaluative interview with a member of the Admission staff and/or choose to submit a short video discussing what qualities, experiences, and perspectives they hope to bring to the Oglethorpe community. Application requirements will be limited to an application form and transcript, unless additional information is requested by the Admission office.

More information is available on the Admission website.

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