Humans of Oglethorpe

Humans of Oglethorpe: Olivia Kelly ’21

Olivia Kelly, Junior

Major: Politics, Minor: English

“‘[…] there’s no such thing as a stranger, just future friends.'”

“I started off as a Biology major and had a Narratives of the Self class with Dr. Hebbar and I fell in love with the novel Beloved. She convinced me that I should pursue English and from that I started getting more into Politics.

Dr. Hebbar has really broadened my perspective of what politics really are. I want to go to law school, and I’m actually in the Air Force so I want to practice law for them. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue my contract, but I would really like to work for the CIA, the FBI, or DHS. I would love to do something in those.

Being in the Air Force, it’s been a really interesting journey. I’m going to boot camp this summer and I have tech school training for five months, and then I’ll be back in time to graduate. I get to consider if I want to go active for a year or go straight to law school.

I come from a military family and I knew I wanted to do something bigger than myself. I knew I wanted to practice law and I knew I wanted to practice law when it came to national security.

I was an intern for [U.S. Senator] Johnny Isakson last semester and one thing he always said to us was that there’s no such thing as a stranger, just future friends. Right now, in the political climate that we live in, we see everyone as strangers or just people we live with. But, everyone has the potential to become a friend. This has been useful to me as a student, and it will be useful going into law school and the Air Force.”

Humans of Oglethorpe was created by a Pegasus Creative student intern in University Communications at Oglethorpe. Inspired by Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, this series will share personal stories and perspectives from across campus. Everyone has a story and everyone is human. Would you like to be involved in this series? Email Bailey Presley.

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