Petrel Interns: Nick Evans ’20, Morgan Stanley [Video]

Oglethorpe senior Nick Evans fits right in with the industrious atmosphere of Morgan Stanley, the global investment bank and financial services company.

He is the second Oglethorpe student to complete the year-long internship with the company and will be finishing up by graduation in May. With the prospect of job hunting on the horizon, Evans exudes confidence about his ability to land a job in finance.

Evans is a Business Administration major in the Hammack School of Business. Through the school, he has become familiar with the concepts of corporate finance and business analytics; however, he views his time with the company as a way to test himself outside of the classroom, while still having access to the resources available at Oglethorpe. The ability to take topics from the classroom to the office has been essential to his preparation for his first job after college.

This internship has really helped me with knowing what to expect and just being overall confident about what I can do in the real world and not being scared of opportunities that lie ahead but being excited for things that are happening in the future.

“It’s a tough field to break in to,” notes Senior Financial Advisor Susan Smith. “But sometimes it’s a matter of getting your foot in the door.”

Smith has supervised Evans at his internship and has continued to hire Oglethorpe interns for their ability to work hard.

“They are self-starters, detail-oriented, and take the initiative to just get stuff done.” Most interns at Morgan Stanley work more than 20 hours a week on the company, depending on the kinds of projects on the docket. It is not unusual for interns to work until the job is done—a fact that has led to the continued recruitment of OU students.

In this position at Morgan Stanley, Evans is doing more than simple administrative tasks; week-by-week, he works on new, special projects that involve real clients of the company. He prepares documents that map out financial plans and assists in meetings about wealth management. His days at the office are spent doing work that exposes him to all facets of the company so that when he enters his full-time career, he knows just what to expect.

Interestingly, each intern is tasked with finding his or her replacement. Evans was introduced to the job through Deanna Long ’19, the previous intern at the company. After determining that the internship would be an excellent fit for his career goals, he worked with the Atlanta Laboratory for Learning to craft his resume and prepare for his interview. By utilizing the close-knit campus community and the career development resources on campus, Evans felt thoroughly prepared to land the internship.

Armed with a liberal arts education and a solid professional network, Oglethorpe interns like Nick Evans can approach their graduation with enthusiasm, knowing they are prepared to secure the career they want and ready to tackle the challenges that follow.

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