Humans of Oglethorpe

Humans of Oglethorpe: Hannah Womersley ’23

Hannah Womersley, Freshman

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: English
Hometown: Winter Haven, FL

“[…] own who you are and don’t be afraid of that.”

“I love painting. My grandma and dad were always big painters, so I got it from them. I did that all throughout high school. I get to use this art in other ways for my future, like designing and marketing.

I’m currently in AST [Alpha Sigma Tau], training to be an admissions ambassador, and I’m in PRSSA [Public Relations Student Society of America].

I’m usually an introverted person so in doing all of these things I have to get out of my comfort zone and be in these leadership positions. It’s helped me grow and really get out of my shell. I talk to people I never would’ve otherwise; it’s really helped my communication skills.

PRSSA is the one I see impacting my future the most. It’s put me on the path of public relations. I always joke that I’m gonna be the future head of marketing at Coca-Cola, so we’ll see.

I’m a really quiet person, but I like to use my creativity and communication skills in different ways that people don’t usually expect.

I’m a big advocate for being who you are. I just think you shouldn’t try to imitate people, but own who you are and don’t be afraid of that. ”

Humans of Oglethorpe was created by a Pegasus Creative student intern in University Communications at Oglethorpe. Inspired by Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, this series will share personal stories and perspectives from across campus. Everyone has a story and everyone is human. Would you like to be involved in this series? Email Bailey Presley.

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