Humans of Oglethorpe: Will Sherlock ’22

Will Sherlock, Sophomore

Major: Political Science and Sociology

“You just have to get through the rough parts.”

“I chose to major in Political Science because it’s something I studied a lot in my own time and I’ve been very passionate about it for a while.

Will SherlockI was initially considering sociology as a minor but I loved the classes and made it a double major. I’m drawn to them because I’m very much a people person. What I take away from my majors and the world in general is that people are really important and interacting with others and building relationships with the community is both rewarding, and it’s also a really fulfilling way to experience the world.

I’ve learned so much about the way our community really shapes who we are. Growing up where I grew up [Cumming, GA], really influenced the way I viewed the world. Oglethorpe has opened up a side of me that hasn’t been open before. Before I came here I was very shy, I had a small group of friends, and I didn’t really venture out. Now since I’ve been here, I’ve become much more outgoing.

I really appreciate it because I love to be around people and talk to them. It’s been really nice to take advantage of the fact that I can meet so many new people.

Before I came here, I would’ve never walked up to a stranger and said hi. Now I’ve been here and I’ve definitely done that… a lot. And I really enjoy when people introduce themselves to me.

When I was back home, I had nothing to do, I didn’t know how to fill my time. Since I came here, I joined way too many clubs and filled that gap. I find that balance here where I don’t overextend myself, but also I can enjoy myself. If anyone sees me around campus, you’re always welcome to come and introduce yourselves, I would love to meet you.

I’ve had quite a few struggles with mental illness in my life and now I’m really enjoying being here and finding a good work/life balance, and for anyone struggling (as someone who has been through it)—who thinks it won’t get better—it does. You just have to get through the rough parts.”

Humans of Oglethorpe was created by a Pegasus Creative student intern in University Communications at Oglethorpe. Inspired by Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, this series will share personal stories and perspectives from across campus. Everyone has a story and everyone is human. Would you like to be involved in this series? Email Bailey Burns.

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