Humans of Oglethorpe: Coyvan Greer ’20

Coyvan Greer, Senior

Major: Communications
Minor: Psychology

“..it’s like working at Disney.”

“I’ve worked in Admissions since my sophomore year, August of 2017, and it’s my favorite thing I do here. I came here and I already felt like I was in a family because it was very personal. I’ve given over a hundred tours by now—it’s like working at Disney.

CoyvanI love making people feel known, seen, and heard. I’ve had to calm parents down who are worried about their kids coming to school. You connect with people from the day you get here to the day you leave. I see people over and over because of MAP days, Admitted Students Day, and other admission events.

I know that I’m seen on campus and I really enjoy that because I meet so many people and get to know them. People come here and recognize me from a tour and we connect all over again. That speaks to the whole family culture at Oglethorpe.

I’m also a very creative person, so being able to give tours really highlights that part of my personality. I get to put on a different hat every time. I have definitely gained confidence through that and it helps me move through various social situations in real life.

The school has done a really good job at developing ‘Coyvan Greer the brand’ and now it’s time for the world to understand ‘Coyvan Greer the brand’.”

Humans of Oglethorpe was created by a Pegasus Creative student intern in University Communications at Oglethorpe. Inspired by Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, this series will share personal stories and perspectives from across campus. Everyone has a story and everyone is human. Would you like to be involved in this series? Email Bailey Burns.

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