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Oglethorpe in the news: May 24-June 6

Opinion: Making a difference in civil, respectful ways

As we all know, these graduates didn’t get here on their own. Behind each and every one of them stands family, friends, and mentors. Many of you are here today. Would the graduates please rise, turn toward your guests and give them a rousing ovation for all the help and guidance they provided you.

Post-Surrealism Artwork By Salvador Dali Showcased At Oglethorpe Museum | Atlanta PlanIt

Salvador Dali is known as one of the most famous art figures in history. His works created during the Surrealist Movement has made him an icon. Dali was fascinated with sexual neuroses, mortality, and avant-garde dreamscapes.


Heirlooms appraised at Oglethorpe’s ‘Hidden Treasures Unveiled’ event June 8

Got an antique vase you think might be worth some money? Or a large painting you inherited from a great aunt that appears valuable? And have you ever considered getting them appraised? Now’s your chance. Oglethorpe University is teaming up with Chicago-based auction house Hindman for the “Hidden Treasures Unveiled” on June 8 where the […]

Around Town: A local author re-imagines the story of Georgia’s amazing ‘Magnetic Girl’

Jessica Handler’s mother was the first to tell her about Lulu Hurst. Handler and her mother shared an interest in stories of remarkable women, so years ago, when Handler’s mother came across an article about Hurst, she emailed a copy to her daughter. The article was titled “The Feats of the Magnetic Girl Explained.”

When bills pile up, young people turn to strangers on Venmo

“People who are concerned about money shouldn’t spend their whole day thinking about not having money and restricting themselves from having any joy in their lives,” Silverberg said. “It’s not like if you do that, suddenly your bills are paid.”

BWW Previews: SUMMER STAGES in Atlanta

Welcome to Sunpocalypse. So far, this Atlanta summer is 100-in-the-shade. Basically, we’re all human-sized Marios running from the evil sun and hoping for a brief respite via some magical pipe that takes you to a cool underground cavern where there’s lots of unprotected gold.

The Brookhaven Buzz published an article by alumnus Paul Hudson ’72: “Oglethorpe President Larry Schall Announces 2020 Retirement“.

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