Founder of Toni Morrison Society on campus Apr. 25 for ‘Town Hall on Beloved’

Toni Morrison’s Beloved is a book all Oglethorpe students read. Next week, they get the chance to meet the leading authority on the author.

Dr. Carolyn Denard, founder of the Toni Morrison Society

On April 25th, Oglethorpe welcomes Carolyn Denard, PhD, founder and board chair of the Toni Morrison Society, for a “Town Hall on Beloved”. The interactive session is organized by faculty and students representing both the History department and Narratives of the Self, the freshman Core classes that include Beloved in the syllabus.

“The Core committee and the provost see this as obviously beneficial to students in Narratives, but it is open across the school population because everyone is supposed to have read Beloved,” said Dr. Iona Wynter Parks. “I am curious how students who have some distance from their first encounter with the text might be thinking about it now.”

Dr. Denard is currently Associate Provost for Student Success and Strategic Initiatives and Professor of English at Georgia College and State University. She received her BA in English from Jackson State University, her MAT in English from Indiana University, and her PhD in American Studies from Emory University, where she focused on twentieth century American literature and cultural history and where she completed a doctoral dissertation on Toni Morrison. Dr. Denard’s scholarly research focuses on African American myths, ethics, and cultural tropes in Toni Morrison’s fiction. A leading authority on Morrison, she has contributed to critical anthologies and essay collections on Morrison’s work, and she is editor of What Moves at the Margin: Selected Non- Fiction by Toni Morrison (University Press of Mississippi 2008) and Toni Morrison: Conversations, a collection of interviews (University Press of Mississippi 2008).

The Toni Morrison Society was founded in 1993 at the annual meeting of the American Literature Association in Baltimore. Five months after the founding of the Society, Toni Morrison won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Town Hall will be held on April 25 at 4 p.m. in Lupton Auditorium and is Petrel Point approved.  All are welcome.

Town Hall on Beloved

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