Senior on track to break into film industry

Senior Justin Brimm ’19 put himself in the right position to succeed.

The studio art major had always been interested in film, however, it wasn’t until taking classes at Oglethorpe that Brimm became aware of the bigger industry and process involved in making movies and television. Classroom time helped prepare Brimm to not only learn technical aspects of videography, but also the creativity needed behind the lens.

“Classes I took previously with Eddie Concepción, just the beginner’s video production and audio production, really helped so much because there’s a lot of lingo,” Brimm explained. “Also exploring my creative side with film really helped. Christina Washington has a Video for Artists class that really prepared me to take risks.”

Justin Brimm ’19 (far right) at Third Rail Studios with fellow interns.

It was in one of these classes that Brimm met Third Rail Studios Director of Marketing Mayra Garcia. Garcia opened the idea of breaking into the film industry by working at the studio, conveniently located just three miles up the road from campus. After meeting with Garcia and interviewing with the company, Brimm started as an intern at Third Rail Studios in February.

A normal day on the job may see Brimm helping in scheduling, personnel, and other administrative tasks, but he’s often on set to lend a hand where needed.

“I only knew about technical stuff. So camera work, audio, editing,” Brimm said. “The first day they gave us a whole list of different jobs I didn’t even know existed. And even departments. Seeing that in action, in production really opened my eyes.”

Third Rail Studios is smaller in comparison to mega lots—60,000 square feet—but its sound stages have hosted major productions, including the 2018 film Rampage, and the NBC series Good Girls. It’s also one of the few studios in Georgia that offers internship opportunities. For Brimm, the benefit of rotating productions is a revolving group of professionals for potential networking.

“It’s just so cool to see the process. Whenever the opportunity to shadow someone on set arises I take it,” Brimm said, noting he’s gotten to follow a stage manager as an example. “It’s on-the-job networking. Whenever I have time I talk to crew members, PAs, set decorators; whoever is available.”

Originally from New Jersey, Brimm came south for college and fortuitously arrived just as the Atlanta film community was blossoming. Having first gotten an opportunity to work at a studio through an introduction during an Oglethorpe course, Brimm is now also in the perfect location to start his career behind the scenes.

“Especially in Atlanta, there is a lot of need. Everything is so close-knit, there’s not a lot of people. It’s different than if you’re trying to connect with someone in Los Angeles,” Brimm said. “You get to make those connections faster, allowing for maybe a faster entry to a job, which is definitely helpful.”

“I would love to stay in Atlanta. Right now, it’s a good time.”

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