Are you prepared for winter weather?

Before winter weather approaches, it’s a good idea to be aware of the university’s emergency preparedness plan for severe weather or other events. You can find this information and more on the Oglethorpe University Campus Safety web page.

First, be sure to update your contact information in the OU Alert system. Everyone in the Oglethorpe community—students, faculty and staff—are encouraged to make sure your information is current. Students, you may also add your parents’ numbers, if they want to receive alerts.

In the case of any emergency, or if the university decides to delay or cancel classes for any reason, you will be notified via email and via OU Alerts in three ways: text, phone call, and email.

Oglethorpe will also provide updates via Facebook, Twitter, and the Oglethorpe homepage.

To prepare for any emergency, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Download the Outlook app to ensure email access from your phone.
  • Charge all of your devices and consider purchasing portable USB battery chargers.
  • Have flashlights with fresh batteries on hand.
  • Fill the gas tanks of your vehicles and park them in central lots on campus away from potential falling trees. Enforcement of parking zones will be suspended during weather events.
  • Discard potentially perishable food items from refrigerators.
  • If you require prescription medications, be sure that you have an adequate supply on hand.

During an emergency:

  • If weather conditions deteriorate, we encourage you to shelter in place (students either in their residence hall or in the Turner Lynch Campus Center.)
  • In the event a tornado warning is issued, the university will notify you via OU Alerts. Seek shelter in the center of a windowless room on the lowest floor of your building.
  • Avoid the use of elevators. If we lose power, you will be stranded and emergency personnel may not be able to respond quickly.
  • Campus safety, residence life, dining services, and maintenance staff will remain on campus for the duration of the storm.

In the event of a temporary power loss:

  • The Turner Lynch Campus Center will become the main gathering point for students. Meal service, water, emergency lighting, and other services will be provided.
  • Students may relocate to the TLCC overnight. If you choose to do so, please bring bed linens and other necessities with you.
  • The gate to the side entrance of the university will be closed and the front gate will become the only entrance/exit.
  • Remember that candles and open flames of any type are prohibited and particularly dangerous.

In an emergency, contact 911. Contact Campus Safety at 404-504-1998 when it is safe to do so.  Visit the Campus Safety webpage for more information.

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