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Paris study abroad program debuts in summer 2019

Add the City of Lights to the growing list of study abroad programs where students can earn transferable Oglethorpe class credits.

Starting in the summer of 2019, a new five-week session will be added in Paris, France, immersing undergrads in a cultural exchange that will last a lifetime.

Oglethorpe has served as the academic partner of global study organization LeadAbroad since 2012, approving academic faculty, syllabi, course pedagogy and materials for its multifaceted study abroad programs. LeadAbroad attracts a growing number of students from universities across the U.S., and has programs based in Cape Town, Greece, Rome, Barcelona, Costa Rica, and now Paris.

Paris will be added to LeadAbroad’s offering as a GO program – a traditional study abroad approach with independent travel opportunities, where students take two classes for six credits in art, business, communications, humanities or language. Rome and Barcelona sessions are also offered as GO programs.

LeadAbroad also offers three other types of study abroad programs: LEAD, DIRECT, and PRO.

LEAD programs in Cape Town and Greece offer a holistic study abroad experience together with a focus on leadership, service, and adventure. Students earn six credit hours in Leadership in Action and Global Citizenship and Civic Engagement from Oglethorpe.

DIRECT programs in Cape Town and Greece offer curated travel experiences focusing on adventure, service opportunities, and local culture, with no college credit.

PRO programs in Barcelona and Costa Rica offer a professional experience focused on business, global health, or education, with no college credit.

For more information on LeadAbroad programs, contact the A_LAB’s Global Education department.

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