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Elected freshman class officers complete 2018-2019 Student Government Association

The Student Government Association recently held freshman class elections to fill president, senator, and programming board vacancies. These students will meet weekly as part of SGA to discuss campus issues, bring awareness to student concerns, and work to administer the student activities fee.

Congratulations to freshman class president A.J. Hunter, and class senators Christina Mitchell, Indira Marquez Robles, Sierra Behnke, and William Sherlock.

The freshman class programming board representatives are Christina Mitchell, Indira Marquez Robles, Nik Watson, and Soren Knippen.

Freshman officers will join the other 2018-2019 Student Government Association & Programming Board Representatives.

Student Body President: Brad Firchow
Vice President of Senate: Haley Evans
Vice President of Programming Board: Skyler DuBose
Parliamentarian: Madeleine Tulk
Secretary: Taylor Cranford
Treasurer: Sam Katz
Senior Class President: Deon Heavens
Junior Class President: Coyvan Greer
Sophomore Class President: Olumeka Mejeidu

Senior Senators:
Dylan Harper
Jalia Killings
Wura Olajide
Tyler Stridiron

Junior Senators:
McKenzie Simpson
Jordan Madison
Jarel Walker
Glenn Kaiser

Sophomore Senators:
Kiana Perkins
Taylor Roberts
Luis Pereira-Hernandez
Aurora Taylor

Senior Programming Board:
Lindsay Thomaston
Natalia Pierre-Paul
Sedaries Mathis
Ariel Dickerson

Junior Programming Board:
Lane Sticher
Monique Ellis
Jordan Madison
De’Andre Wilson

Sophomore Programming Board:
Yesha Nayee
Vivian Manso
Michael Woods
Daira Galindo

Keep involved in what is happening in SGA and around campus by visiting OUConnect, following on Instagram @sgaou and @oglepb, and coming to weekly meetings Thursday at 6 p.m., where any student has the opportunity to bring up concerns during Open Forum.

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