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Oglethorpe in the news: Sept 7-13

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What’s Behind The Cost Of Higher Education

Private Universities are trying new methods to attract students and lower the sticker shock of tuition. Atlanta-based Oglethorpe University recently announced a price-matching program offering students who qualify for admission the same rate flagship public universities in their home states.

Private colleges ‘price match’ public tuition to compete for students

Colleges are now offering “price-matches” for students, taking cues from the business world to compete in an era of ballooning costs. Several private universities, attempting to keep pace with the lower tuition of their in-state, public peers, promise to match tuition for students.

Private colleges are trying to attract students by matching public prices

This fall, the trendy pricing strategy for private universities might just be matching public universities’ tuition. Two private universities unveiled price-matching programs over a span of five days at the end of August.

Colleges Now Offering Tuition Price Matching | Student Loan Report

In order to recruit high-performing students, it is becoming more common for private colleges to match the tuition rates at public schools. There is increasing competition among colleges to recruit high-performing students. In an attempt to remain competitive, many private universities are offering to match the tuition rates students would pay at a public college, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Private Colleges Launch Tuition Discount Programs to Attract Top Students

This content is made possible by our sponsor; the views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc. It’s a tactic big-box retailers have used for years: “Find it for less at another store and we’ll match the price.”

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