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Oglethorpe in the news: Aug 31-Sept 6

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In Race for Students, Colleges Offer to Match Tuition at Rival Schools

Escalating the heated battle for students, some private colleges are offering to match public in-state tuition. Oglethorpe University near Atlanta will match the tuition of any state flagship university for high-achieving students. Robert Morris University near Pittsburgh said last week it would charge Pennsylvania residents the same price as local public universities, and give them a $3,000 scholarship to boot.

Price-Matching Programs Arrive On College Campuses

Some colleges say they’ll match tuition at rival schools. We’ll add up the dollars and costs. Melissa Korn, higher education reporter for The Wall Street Journal. (@melissakorn) Larry Schall , president of Oglethorpe University. Jeffrey Hecker , executive vice president for academic affairs and provost for the University of Maine.

Private Colleges Launch Tuition Discount Programs to Attract Top Students

More private universities are introducing price-matching programs, which is good news for students. It’s a tactic big-box retailers have used for years: “Find it for less at another store and we’ll match the price.” While there’s always a risk price-matching may hurt the bottom line, companies would rather have your business at a discount than not have it at all.

To compete for top students, colleges have borrowed a tactic retailers have been using for years

Some private and public colleges are offering to match the cost of tuition of competing universities to incoming students, according to the Wall Street Journal. This move, a tried and true tactic used by retailers, is a reflection of how expensive college tuition has become.

Colleges to start tuition-matching to draw in more students

In a new marketing effort, some colleges will begin price-matching tuition in the hopes of bringing in more students. While a number a private universities will be offering students public school tuition, a number of public institutions will be offering out-of-state students the opportunity to pay like the locals.

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