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World War I: 100th anniversary commemoration events

Throughout fall semester, Oglethorpe will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I with a series of courses dedicated to various topics concerning the war. In addition, the staff of the Philip Weltner Library have partnered with faculty in French, German, English, History, and Music to present a dynamic series of lectures, films, and performances to explore the rich history of WWI.

8/23, 6pm: Jules and Jim Film Screening (Dolive Theatre, Library)

8/30, 6pm: Grand Illusion Film Screening (Dolive Theatre, Library)

9/6, 6pm: “Martin Du Gard’s Thibault Family and World War I” Lecture by Dr. Jay Lutz (Dolive Theatre, Library)

9/13, 6pm: All Quiet on the Western Front Film Screening (Dolive Theatre, Library)

10/4, 6pm: The Red Baron Film Screening (Dolive Theatre, Library)

10/11, 6pm: The African Queen Film Screening (Dolive Theatre, Library)

10/25, 6pm: “World War I: Deciding for War, Deciding for Peace” Lecture by Dr. Ron Bobroff (Dolive Theatre, Library)

11/1, 6pm: Paths of Glory Film Screening (Dolive Theatre, Library)

11/11, 11am: International Ringing of the Bells of Peace (Academic Quadrangle)

11/15, 6pm: “Writing the War: World War I and Twentieth-Century Literature” Lecture by Dr. Sarah Terry (Dolive Theatre, Library)

11/18, 4pm: “‘Over There’ and Everywhere: Music of the WWI Era” Musical Recital by Dr. Brent Runnels and Dr. Wanda Yang Temko (OU Museum of Art)

For more information, visit the WWI 100th anniversary website.

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