Listen: GPB/NPR radio features Oglethorpe course “Literary Tribalism”

GPB/NPR’s daily news talk show On Second Thought welcomed English professor Dr. Reshmi Hebbar and her students Caleb Logan and Yasmin Tehrani to discuss Oglethorpe’s class “Literary Tribalism: How to Read Race, Class, Nation & Gender.”

The interview was part of GPB’s Lessons from Left Field series that examines “unconventional classes at schools and universities around the state.”

Oglethorpe University professor Reshmi Hebbar (left) challenges students Caleb Logan (center) and Yasmin Tehrani’s notions of identity in a course called “Literary Tribalism.”

In the introductory course, students learned how to apply a critical eye towards the reading of race, class, nation, and gender in works of fiction, poetry, and drama.

But what really caught the attention of host Adam Ragusea were the original podcasts the students produced for the class and as part of the “Sweet Om America Lab,” an Oglethorpe web project that showcases transnational Atlanta narratives while expanding traditional literary studies.

Students applied their analysis of narrative tribalism to real-life immigrant and multicultural stories found in the lives of Atlantans who embody the idea of a “New South”.   <<LISTEN >>

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