Career Development

Summit introduces students to leadership foundations

In early February, more than 90 students from Atlanta-area universities gathered at Oglethorpe to take part in a half-day of keynotes and breakout sessions focusing on building leadership fundamentals.

The summit, hosted by the Oglethorpe Leadership Institute, featured author and entrepreneur Sam Davidson, whose morning talk, “What My Second Grade Girlfriend Taught Me About Leadership,” kicked-off the event.

leadership summit

Students take part in a learning exercise during the Oglethorpe Leadership Institute Summit

“I know that at heart, we’re all looking to make an impact, to leave our mark on the world by writing our legacy on the hearts of others,” Davidson says.

“And whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, leader, dreamer, parent, or artist, I bet you have a big idea or are trying to solve a big problem. In that quest, we often start to sacrifice the things we care about and need the most: time with family, friendships, recreation, artistic expression, and our own sanity.”

Professors Dr. Kendra King Momon and Dr. Jeffrey Collins, and Assistant Dean Dr. Amy Palder led breakout sessions on knowing yourself, the keys to authentic leadership, and inclusive leadership, respectively.

“The summit was so inspiring!” said Oglethorpe first-year Lenice Tyrell ’21. “Dreaming about what can be is so important, but dreaming is not enough. You have to act on it.”

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