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Join the Crew and leave your mark!

Being involved in a campus committee sponsored by the Student Engagement & Leadership Office allows students an unparalleled opportunity to shape the Oglethorpe experience, represent the student body, and have their ideas heard. Apply today to leave your mark!

SEL Crew members are expected to average between 5-10 hours per week working on programs and projects. The entire Crew meets once every two weeks with individual directives being completed on non-meeting weeks. Entire Crew meetings usually last 1 1/2 hours. Meetings only occur when classes are in session.

This year’s committees include:

First Friday Committee (applications due by 10/20) – First Friday is an all-student event that promotes late-night programming in the TLCC on the first Friday of each month. This committee carries out the program.

EggsAM Committee (applications due by 10/27) – EggsAM is a decades-old tradition where faculty serve students a late-night breakfast during finals week. This committee carries out the program.

Stress Free Zone Committee (applications due by 10/27) – Stress Free Zone takes place at the end of each semester and gives an opportunity for students to refresh and refocus before final exam week. This committee carries out the program.

Yamacraw Yearbook Committee (applications due by 11/10) – The Yamacraw Yearbook is one of the school’s oldest traditions. This committee designs the book and produces content.

Thursday Night in the Game Room (applications due by 11/17) – The Campus Center should feel like a place that all students can visit for some fun. This committee designs programs that happen during the evening of each Thursday night (Bingo, Karaoke, etc.)

Student Leadership Awards Selection Committee (applications due by 2/23) – The Student Engagement & Leadership Office offers several awards at the end of the spring semester. This committee designs the application and submits recommendations for potential winners (both individual and organizations) to the Director as well as carries out the awards program. (Being a member does not preclude you from being awarded.)

Student committee members will be appointed on a one-year term, and will have to reapply through the Crew committee selection process thereafter to serve a second year.

The application is found under “Forms” at Questions should be directed to [email protected].

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