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Semester-long arts celebration of Hispaniola kicks off

Ode to La Sir Hispaniola art

Firelei Báez, “Ode to La Siréne,” 2014

Hispaniola: A Celebration of Haiti and the Dominican Republic is a campus-wide, semester-long celebration of the Caribbean island. The staff of Oglethorpe University Museum of Art have partnered with faculty in French, Spanish, Music, and Theatre to present a dynamic series of lectures, films, and performances to accompany the current OUMA exhibition, all of which explore the rich history of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The Hispaniola exhibition, on display through December 17, will feature a large collection of Haitian works counterbalanced by a selection of contemporary pieces by emerging Dominican and Haitian/Dominican artists, including Pilar Martínez, Angela Bortone, Polibio Díaz and Firelei Báez.

Musical performances will include Love Evolution with Semaj & Mr. Lorrius during the opening reception September 30, and Oglethorpe’s Dr. Brent Runnels performing “Early Gumbo: That Special Cultural Mix Before Jazz” in late October.

The film series begins October 5 with “Nueba Yol” and continues throughout the celebration.


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